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The Sevier County Judge has issued a ban on open burning,
due to dry conditions

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Family and supporters of city, county and state police officers held a balloon release
Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015, as part of National Thank A Police Officer Day.
Click the photo for a video of the event.

Rural Fire Memberships Available

The De Queen Fire Department is now offering rural fire memberships to cover the cost of a fire call outside the City of De Queen, but within the De Queen Fire Service area. Membership is $50 per year for each property covered.

Arkansas law requires cities to attempt to collect the cost of fire calls outside the city limits. Currently, the cost is $350 for a grass or brush fire and $500 for a structure fire. In case of a fire, rural fire members will not be asked for additional fees above what insurance will pay. Memberships are only offered for property within the De Queen Fire protection area. A map of the fire services areas is available at the De Queen Fire Station or at For information call 870-584-7224 or visit: Click HERE to see Rural Fire Membership Agreement.


2014 Water Consumer Confidence Report

What's in your drinking water? Click HERE for 2014 Consumer Confidence Report.


Automate your utility bill

Automate your utility bill

If you have your city utility bill bank drafted, you never have to remember to pay utility bills again.

Fireworks in City
fireworksNew Ordinance-
Ordinance 918 restricts fireworks use in the City of De Queen to just four days per year -- Dec. 31, July 3, 4 and 5. For a complete text of the new ordinance, click here

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